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me, myself, and i
the name's erin, i'm a graphic making maniac and i'm quite obsessed with several tv shows. i like going to the movies, concerts, and just hanging out with my friends. music is a passion as well as writing. oh, and if i could, i would totally marry taye diggs. RAWR.

tv shows:

true blood
30 rock
sons of anarchy
grey's anatomy
the x-files

good quotes:

"i wolfed my teamster sub for you."
-liz lemon

"cluelessness is the mother of invention."
-lorelai gilmore

"because my brain is a wild jungle full of scary jibberish. i'm writing a letter, i can't write a letter, why can't i write a letter? i'm wearing a green dress, i wish i was wearing my blue dress. my blue dress is at the cleaners. the germans wore gray you wore blue. casablanca, casablanca such a good movie. casablanca, the white house, bush. why don't i drive a hybrid car? i should really drive a hybrid car. i should really take my bicycle to work. bicycle, unicyle, unitard, hockeypuck, rattlesnake, monkey monkey underpants!"
-lorelai gilmore

sookie: "why are we running?!"
lorelai: "58 seats, 62 koreans."

"this is crazy! the only reason to spend a night in a limo is if the drummer in your prom band dropped a qualude in your fresca!"
-grace adler

tom: "she sat down so quickly i didn't know what to say!"
lynette: "how 'bout, 'you're in the frame bitch, move'!"

"oh, honey..."
-karen walker
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