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I suck at updating...
It's true. Really it is. Maybe there's just not as much going on in my life right now that warrants a post. I could make something up, but really, in all honesty who wants to read a bunch of gobbley gook that never happened. Not I!

Lets see...OH! Moving into a new apartment in like a month and a half. SUPER excited, super! It's 10 billion million times nicer than the one we're in now and we only have to pay $11 more a month. Jackpot!! I can't wait to move! Our new complex was built only like a year ago and all of the surrounding stuff is new development. It's awesome! It's almost like it's its own little valley of sorts. Gorgeous view when you're driving into the complex too! Just love love LOVE IT!

Other things...not much really. Work is slowly withering away at my soul. That sounds excessively morbid, but it's true. Hate that place, but a las, it pays the bills...barely. I hate working at a place where I am SO under appreciated, it's not even remotely funny. I feel like someone's bitch. And that's not cool, kool-aid. Not cool at all.

Aright...the bed is calling. Work at 7ish-more like 8am. Dumb. Nighty night!
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