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crack the stash, then be quiet in the midday sun...

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what the x, yo.
Dude, The X-Files = awesomesauce. Just sayin'. When I was younger I used to watch it every once and awhile, but I'll admit, the show scared the beejesus out of me so I never watched it alone or at night. There had to be light and people around. Now 10-15 years later I started watching the entire series (yes, seasons 1-9) from the beginning and it is....AWESOME! Totally laid the ground work for the CSI shows of today, but with extraterrestrials thrown in the mix. Mulder and Scully have to be one of the most amazing pairings in television history. This show is so captivating, I can't believe it took me this long to get back into it.

I. Am. Addicted. Plain and simple. Me and my roommates watch a few episodes a night. And let me just say, thank you, whoever you are, that invented Netflix because all nine seasons and both movies are available. Woohoo!!! Let the marathon continue!