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crack the stash, then be quiet in the midday sun...

Three years later...literally.
I have my own website that gets updated...regula-- oh, who I am kidding. It's more of a professional site, so this journal has hovered in the dust bunny-covered ethers of the interwebz. Sorry, journal.

Life news: I'm moving to LA in a couple of months to write for the kind of publications I want to...unfortunately, I can't do that in Kansas, so adios my lovely home state. I will miss your glorious thunderstorms. I will not, however, miss your RIDICULOUSLY high humidity...and neither will my hair.

I still dabble and drabble and all that stuff:

Dust up, dust down
Take the brush
Paint the town
Red black yellow green
Fancy cars, movies scenes

Until the next three years pass and I have more dinero...


Bi-annual post - update thing
My god, I suck at updating this thing. I think the trend has held steady at once every six months. Oh well, life's busy so that's my excuse.

Semester is over, yay yay yay!! California trip is in like three months, quadruple yay! I quit that stupid - okay it wasn't stupid - but it was kind of stupid - bakery job. My sleep patterns will finally return to normal again. Yay for small miracles. Amirite?

Get to go house sit for a few days at the end of the week, which means I get to watch the Grey's finale on a big screen, woot! Thank god no one will around - except the cats - when I'm watching. I'm sure I'll turn into a basket case at some point.

I need to get crackin' on the foundation for my new pilot. It's such a good concept - I really need to dig my heels in and get with the program. Now that it's summer, I might finally have the necessary time to dedicate to it. One can hope.

Other than all of the a fore mentioned things, life is pretty dandy at the moment, hopefully it continues!

The rock is at 30 in t-minus one day.
I'm a star, I'm on top!! Somebody bring me some haaaaaaaaaaammmm!!

30 Rock season 6 premiere is TOMORROW. Yes, that's right, bitches. Tomorrow. I haven't been this excited since I wore a Baby Bop costume for Halloween...when I was four. Which reminds me...why do I not have any Liz icons...that is unacceptable. -- better.

We're having a 30 Rock premiere watch party and it shall be GLORIOUS. I cannot wait. 'Tis all I have to say at the juncture in time. Lemon OUT.

This isn't CSI: Boston, Jane.
Rizzoli & Isles is the shit. That is all.

If you don't watch. I don't consider you a human being.

Mondays, 10PM/9c on TNT.

Watch...or I'll poke you in your scar tissue. Hard.

12 baby steps...
My baby has hit the ground running! Baker and I are SOOO excited to get this puppy finished, I can't even explain it! We've even got music picked out and everything! Soooo super duper pumped! I know it's a long shot in hell that it'll get picked up or even recognized, but I'm so proud of it at this point I don't think I'd even care if it got rejected by everyone. I think it's a compelling story, and one that not many have told. So as Pink says, "Raise your glass!" Because this is gonna be one hell of a ride!

In other, unrelated and slightly less enthusiastic news, our move-in date is a mere month away! Can't wait to get out of this dump. Well it's not a dump. It's just gotten increasingly annoying living here. Dogs bark all the time, kids scream all the time, there's never any parking all the time, oh and our neighbors slam their door all the time. Not that I'm complaining or anything haha. Anywho...

I've been in sort of a country groove lately. Sugarland, Reba, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Little Big Town, Carrie Underwood, Ronnie Dunn, Martina McBride, you name it...I'm listenin' to it. Country music brings out this nostalgia in me. It makes me miss GC and its smelly feed lots. Okay that part I could do without. But I miss hanging out there and living the small town life. It's humbling really, and so down to Earth.

Okay, back to the grind. Things to do. Peace, love, and no other drugs.

I suck at updating...
It's true. Really it is. Maybe there's just not as much going on in my life right now that warrants a post. I could make something up, but really, in all honesty who wants to read a bunch of gobbley gook that never happened. Not I!

Lets see...OH! Moving into a new apartment in like a month and a half. SUPER excited, super! It's 10 billion million times nicer than the one we're in now and we only have to pay $11 more a month. Jackpot!! I can't wait to move! Our new complex was built only like a year ago and all of the surrounding stuff is new development. It's awesome! It's almost like it's its own little valley of sorts. Gorgeous view when you're driving into the complex too! Just love love LOVE IT!

Other things...not much really. Work is slowly withering away at my soul. That sounds excessively morbid, but it's true. Hate that place, but a las, it pays the bills...barely. I hate working at a place where I am SO under appreciated, it's not even remotely funny. I feel like someone's bitch. And that's not cool, kool-aid. Not cool at all.

Aright...the bed is calling. Work at 7ish-more like 8am. Dumb. Nighty night!
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An inner monologue...
An inner monologue for a script I'm working on...

"A convoluted mind is somewhat of a conundrum, when broken down into small science. Better it be described as a neverending road of twists and turns, which undoubtedly amplify aching wounds that just barely begun to break the surface. With that sense staring amongst a gaping hole, the unraveling of emotions commenced layer by layer, then piece by piece, as boundaries were withered away and walls crumbled as if they were nothing but thin sheets of paper. A mind that was so warped into a distant oblivion, had been damaged beyond recognition, by anyone, let alone herself. It was there that she sat lazily gazing out into the dark abyss of night, without an ounce of hope shedding down light to warm her soul. How was she supposed to move on? The anchored weight of her actions had subconsciously encarcerated her below rock bottom and she felt as if she'd reside there indefinitely. No fathomable excuse seemed at all worthy enough of bailing her out of her current misfortune. For she believed wholeheartedly that she deserved a far worse punishment for her crimes. She was a guilty woman. And no sincere number of monologues begging for God's mercy were going to change that."

peach tea in spring water
The title of this post has absolutely no relevance to anything I'm about to talk about. Call it a random act of consciousness if you will.

Life lately has been somewhat of a wonderful mystery. Actually, to be completely honest, that's how I've felt about my life for the past year. Most people are frightened of the unknown. I myself, revel in it's obscurity. The great unknown is one of life's fascinating things, I think. While in your mind you may have some inclination of what you want your life to look like, the truth is, you're never really sure. Why? Because the unknown is that same constant variable. 

My life's path has mutated too many times to count over the past five years. I've gone from knowing exactly what I want to do with my life to looking at a blank page too many times to count. But the present fact of the matter is, my life right now is inexplicably awesome. I have no complaints. Okay, I have one complaint. I have to start paying back student loans this month. Where do they think I'm going to pull this money out of? My ass? If only that were the truth. Money trees would be greatly appreciated right about now.

February is a horrible blood sucking month as far as bills go. I firmly believe car insurance is the government's way of showing how they can and will make you poor for at least two months out of the year. Enough with the negativity though.

Vegas is slowly approaching and I'm actually not 100% sure if we are actually going. My roommate keeps putting off sorting the details out which makes me think he's not too sure if he wants to go. If so, fine and dandy, I will be using that money to trot off to Myrtle Beach, SC at the end of February. Back up plans, people, they are amazing to have. Of course I could do the more responsible thing and save the money and put it towards...I dunno...bills, loans, and all of that other crapola. Frankly, that's not nearly as fun though. Ah well, such is life. Bed awaits as my 6am X-Files theme wake up call is a mere 3 1/2 hours away.

Till next time, where I will remain as eternally optimistic and equally humble. I bid you adieu. 

what the x, yo.
Dude, The X-Files = awesomesauce. Just sayin'. When I was younger I used to watch it every once and awhile, but I'll admit, the show scared the beejesus out of me so I never watched it alone or at night. There had to be light and people around. Now 10-15 years later I started watching the entire series (yes, seasons 1-9) from the beginning and it is....AWESOME! Totally laid the ground work for the CSI shows of today, but with extraterrestrials thrown in the mix. Mulder and Scully have to be one of the most amazing pairings in television history. This show is so captivating, I can't believe it took me this long to get back into it.

I. Am. Addicted. Plain and simple. Me and my roommates watch a few episodes a night. And let me just say, thank you, whoever you are, that invented Netflix because all nine seasons and both movies are available. Woohoo!!! Let the marathon continue!

random poetry drabble
It's like an epiphany, it comes out of nowhere. BAM! The keyboard's moving...

A heavy scar
An invisible bruise
A broken heart
Gushing into

A swollen lust
An aching soul
A lonley hand
Without one to hold

A tear drops
An empty sigh
A feeling soars
Into eternity's eye