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I need lessons. Guitar lessons.
So I have an acoustic and an electric guitar, nice ones too, no cheapos here. I can play each a sufficient amount, but let's face it, I need lessons. I have this notebook chucked full of songs that I've written and absolutely NO melodies for any of them. Notta one. It's sad really. Here I am, this fantastic writer/poet and I can't put these things to good use!! It's aggravating, frustrating, etc....

Anywho, I decided to post some lyrics/poetry in here now, just so I can get it off the page and out into the world. Nothin' fancy, just some stuff that means something to me... 

The night floats by in silence
The stars all aligned with the sun
My breath a blurry essence
As the leaves trickle down one by one

A foggy retreat halts
As the day light creeps in
The subtleness of a glimmer
Assures the day can now begin

Yeah, I'm more of a poet. Well that's really all song lyrics are...musical poetry. So I guess this is poetry until music intervenes. Fine by moi!

Updating...that's a thing right?
Wow, so I'm pretty bad at updating...another year and a half has gone by. I blame Facebook and Twitter. Honestly, I'm surprised LiveJournal is still around. Glad it is, but surprised nonetheless. Anywho...still workin' the same lamo job. Eh, it pays the bills, so can't really complain. Apartment life, is well, apartment life -- love the freedom though. My friend Brett and I are working/writing a new pilot called, "12 Steps" -- a drama about a group of alcoholics trying to piece their lives back together through AA. If this thing ever comes to fruition, Skype is solely the reason. It allows us to brainstorm and act out what we're writing, VERY handy when you're trying to write especially emotional stuff.

Besides that, just continuing the college journey. At KU now, finishing up my bachelor's in journalism...minor in creative writing. Life is grand, great, and fabulous. Me and the roomies are hosting a Halloween party this weekend, should be awesomeness! Gotta hit the sheets, despite life and it's grandness, I'm still working six days a week because we have NO people. Yay. Good night light. :)

Oh I have neglected you!
Hey nerds! Who has two thumbs, speaks limited French, and hasn't cried once today? *points to self* this moi. um...a year and a half later...YIKES. The back of your head is ridiculous! Anyway... life's pretty decent. Got my associates degree this semester so now I'm transferring to the journalism school at KU. That should be tons of fun. This summer will be one that I can actually enjoy. No class. YEHAW! I'm going back to California in July and then going out to Denver with my mom and grandma to see my aunt, so summer should be sweetness. Been playing some pickup games of basketball with some work friends which is tons of fun. St. Patty's Day tomorrow! We're going bowling to from head to toe in green. Yes, yes. Ohhhh it's just nice to have a week off from's been killer this semester, 17 hours...AHH.

Oh and a very important thing...I turned 21...HELLS yea. I don't drink that much, although I got sloshed on NYE...shhh don't tell anybody. I only have two shows at the moment now... 30 Rock.....LOVE my 30 Rock and Friday Night Lights....unfortunately I don't think FNL will be back next year :( it's just not getting the ratings it needs to, which is sad 'cause it's such a good show. Well crap, it's like 2:15am and I have to be to work at 8am...hmm procrastinate much? Yes. Go figure I went to bed at 10:30 last night and I didn't have to get up I have to get up early and I go to bed super late. That is fucked up. What is wrong with me?? Oh well...I'll figure that out at a later date...maybe. It's one of those time pending, non-pressing

I got warped, litterally. ha!
So I went to Warped Tour yesterday and boy oh boy, was it damn hot! The weather I mean. Well the concert was pretty hoppin' too. I went with my best friend Jen and we rocked the joint, before we passed out, no I'm just kidding, well maybe. Anyway we had a frickin blast! Paramore was our main motivation for going seeing as we both FLOVE their music. We also saw Coheed and Cambria, freakin awesome...the dude's hair is seriously sweet. We checked out Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The Rocket Summer, All Time Low, New Found Glory, Sum 41, and a couple others. We standed in line to meet Paramore for only like 30 mins, the line moved pretty fast which was nice since I was being roasted like a chicken. Jeremy was tight, Josh is hot, Hayley rocked, and Zac...well he didn't say anything, lol.

I got fried and then some! Damn...and it hurts, so bad! But it was worth it, Paramore rocked the house. All in all a good day. I did have some unfortunate events occur. During Red Jumpsuit Apparatus I got hit in the face by a flying frisbee that came outta friend kept smacking me in the face with her fan, unintentionally, I think. I got crowd surfed on basically, ya know, kicked in the head, landed on, smacked in the face, all that good stuff. Oh, did I mention I go fried? It was SO HOT! It also didn't help that water was freakin' four bucks a pop. I mean, what the hell is that? I've never had to pay that much for a damn bottle of  water. Anyway, I'm extremely exhausted, college started up again today, can you feel my excitement *crickets chirping* *blink, blink* ....right. Bed time.

Time's a Wastin'
camerashy06 I went to Osage Beach last weekend...oh don't get excited, Osage Beach, MO. Down to the Lake of the Ozarks, but not for a vacation, no no work. Oh and it was mighty fun....*blink*  *stare* Wow, so yeah, it was interesting to put it mildly. Nah, it wasn't too bad though and I made a little extra cash. We had a good time outside of work though. We stayed at this country club hotel and spa which was nice and on the first night we got to stay in one of those villas. The only problem was that we couldn't find where it was...the hotel property is pretty much the size of China and then some. The streets are even labeled...but of course we always ended up back and Racquet Club and Racquet Club...which made it even more of a challenge. BUT about 30 minutes later we eventually found our villa.

Oh and another thing! What is with the street names down there! And the city names! We passed through joke. Oh and we drove on Duckhead road...Tightwad was the best though, I think on the city sign it said population: 63. So only 63 people can seriously say that they live in Tightwad. Funny.

That trip was an adventure...haha oh and we got pulled over by the cops coming home, but who wants to hear about that? We got let off with a "warning." The cop was nice. Anywho, I'm tired so I'm gonna go watch Sweet Home Alabama and call it a day. Nigh y'all. :)

new goods
New header! Yay! That's all. I have to work tomorrow so it's off to bed. Oh and I was disappointed with the Grey's season finale...too many cliffhangers. The episode overall was kind of depressing, nobody was happy. Sad. Oh well.

carrie fever

So I've had Carrie fever lately...Carrie Underwood that is. I love her music. I love - her music - love it -- love it! I can't wait until her next cd comes out, whenever the hell that is.

Anywho...I'm debating whether or not to go see Kelly Clarkson when she comes to town in July, it's at Kemper so it would be comfortable and inside, both good things. Not sure though, we'll see how much ticket prices are.

Time for bed, spent the entire day at the hospital while my dad was having surgery. I just have one thing to say, those damn waiting rooms are freakin cold! Good night.

School's out!
I am now in celebratory (don't know if that's a word) mode, now that college is out! Although I am taking summer the summer break isn't very long. Heck, I won't even get to the official start of summer before I have to start my next round of classes. Eh, oh well, that's life. Not a lot going on, my best friend and I have re-enstated our weekly movie night, Wacky Wednesday as we like to call it. We watch old movies that we have never seen before and only eat's a glorious day it really is.

Speaking of movie night...Gilmore Girls' last episode EVER airs tonight...actually in like three hours. It's so sad. I've watched this show forever, it's a part of me! Corny I know, but still! I'm going to miss it. But Lauren and Alexis have given us seven great years, that I will forever rewatch on dvds for the rest of my life...seriously. Hopefully this is a good send off. I want it to be good, it should be good, it deserves to be good. Enough ranting. I need some food.

Glory Oh Glory...
camerashy06 was well today. Good ole Friday, TGIF...or whatever. Things are good,, good...boy...he's dandy. Everything is just peachy one could say. I know most of you are expecting a "but" BUT, sadly I don't have one to give. I can't wait until summer...road trip! So excited! I'm going with my best friend...yeah we have no idea where we're going but that's 98% of the fun! We'll probably hit up a few concerts along the way because that's how we roll. Oh and check out this killer song we wrote, you all are jealous I know...

Boys and girls, girls and boys
The boys they never share their toys
And girls, girls don't like a mess
Boys, boys they could care less
Girls, girls just want to have fun
And boys, boys well they play with guns
Girls, girls are all about romance
So boys, boys don't waste your chance
Girls, girls like their looks
And boys, boys well they're sometimes crooks

Here's a quick little rhyme we came up with as well...

Boys are from Mars
And girls are from Venus
No we're not men
Because there's nothing between us

*bow* cue the curtain *end scene* muchas gracias.

So, I fell down the hurt a little bit. Okay, it hurt a lot. But I'm doing better now. I have this new intense obsession with Grey's Anatomy. I mean I've watched the show since its inception, but I'm so obsessed with it now, it's kind of ridiculous. Oh well. Not a lot going on in life, college and work, like its always been. Okay I need some pain meds, back is hurting. That's all for now.


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