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Bi-annual post - update thing
My god, I suck at updating this thing. I think the trend has held steady at once every six months. Oh well, life's busy so that's my excuse.

Semester is over, yay yay yay!! California trip is in like three months, quadruple yay! I quit that stupid - okay it wasn't stupid - but it was kind of stupid - bakery job. My sleep patterns will finally return to normal again. Yay for small miracles. Amirite?

Get to go house sit for a few days at the end of the week, which means I get to watch the Grey's finale on a big screen, woot! Thank god no one will around - except the cats - when I'm watching. I'm sure I'll turn into a basket case at some point.

I need to get crackin' on the foundation for my new pilot. It's such a good concept - I really need to dig my heels in and get with the program. Now that it's summer, I might finally have the necessary time to dedicate to it. One can hope.

Other than all of the a fore mentioned things, life is pretty dandy at the moment, hopefully it continues!


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